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6th March 2024 Starter Workshop - 09:30-12:30 lunch 14:00-16:00 BST

Myhill CFS/ME Workshop: Syllabus for the day STARTERS AND MAIN COURSE

Morning starts 09:30 to 12:30, afternoon runs 14:00 – 16:00 GMT

The idea is that by the end of the day you will all have developed your own management plan for your personal recovery

What I will do: give you the “Rules of the Game “and the “Tools of the Trade” to manage your own recovery

1. Explain the “Roadmap” for recovery

2. Energy delivery mechanisms

3. Holes in the energy bucket

4. Useful clues from the clinical history

5. Useful clues from tests

6. Record the session and make it available to all attendees

What you will do

1. Fill in your management frame as I speak

2. At any moment ask questions either by chat box or waving at me, or un-muting your microphone, so I will stop and you can ask

3. Send me tests that you would like me to look at and comment on. These will necessarily be shared with others so please give permission to do this.

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Great products and services Verified Purchase

Currently following sarah myhills protocol and all the products and advice I've had so far has been incredible. Extremely grateful to find her

Jack bearfox | Bucks | November 2023

I attended dr Myhill's workshop on 11/10/23 Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed this work shop and would highly recommend it. It was so interesting, full of information and fun too. It was great to be able to ask questions and hear other peoples questions. Dr Myhill's knowledge is astounding and she is very generous with it.

Niamh Vaughan | Dublin | October 2023

Invaluable information! Verified Purchase

Please say a big thank you to Sarah for today, the information was invaluable! She is a true Doctor who genuinely cares, if only more health care professionals followed her lead. I will be spreading the word!

Sally Harrison | Oxfordshire | August 2023

Brilliant Workshop

I attended the recent Starter workshop run by Dr Myhill. It was excellent- well run and organised and packed with such interesting and useful information .

Dr Myhill’s breadth and depth of information and knowledge is quite astounding . The handouts are very good and links to further articles too.

Thank goodness that there are enlightened and caring doctors like Dr Myhill around.

Her jokes are good too !!

Jane McDonnell | Wales | April 2023

Dr Myhill = Life + Health + Longevity

Dear Sarah,

It was such a pleasure to listen to you, and to be educated by you, yesterday. I came away with a clear understanding of the infection pathway and the weapons in our armoury to defend, improve, and maintain, whole-body health. I've done keto courses, but all seemed cut-and-paste versions of each other. With you, I learned things at a cellular level. So many things to do, but I now know where to start!

You are a true doctor, educator, and friend to the many.

May you continue to do what you do for many years to come, and to those that hurl brickbats - sod 'em!

My warmest wishes to you, and a huge thank you,


Jason Harmer | Cirfontaines-en-Azois, France | February 2023

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