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Adrenal Glandulars

Our bodies rely on our adrenal glands to produce numerous crucial hormones. The adrenal glands represent the ”gear” box of our energy delivery mechanisms. This is essential to match energy demands to energy delivery and so allow us to increase energy output in response to stress. Intolerance of stress may be symptomatic of poor adrenal function.

Adrenal glandulars work by supporting fatigued adrenal glands.

What are adrenal glandulars? Simply raw, cold processed bovine adrenal glandular tissue. We stock two types – and it is for you to choose which you prefer.

Adrenavive I, Bovine Whole Adrenal Gland 160mg (90 Capsules)

Procepts Nutrition’s Adrenavive I contains 160mg of freeze-dried Bovine Whole Adrenal Gland per capsule, from Procepts Nutrition's proprietary farm sources in New Zealand, internationally recognised as BSE-free. These cattle are reared as nature intended, grass fed on untreated natural pastures in New Zealand, without the use of growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics.

The whole adrenal glands are collected by EU approved abattoirs, freeze-dried (lyophilised) at low temperatures to preserve their full nutritional value, then blended with certified organic rice flour and encapsulated in a vegetable cellulose capsule.


Each capsule contains: Bovine Whole Adrenal Gland 160mg; Certified Organic Rice Flour; Vegetable Cellulose Capsule.

Directions for Use: Most need 160-700 mgs daily

PRECAUTIONS: Food Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO BEEF.


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