B12 - Hydroxocobalamin - 30 ml

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum purchase of two vials only.

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Scroll down for info on how to give yourself a B12 injection.

MUL TI VIT Hydroxocobalamin for injection - (B12) - 30ml

Preservative free

by Mr Supplementos

  • Dietary Supplement
  • Support for Nerve Function, Energy Production & Red Blood Cells

 B12 supplementation is recommended for vegetarians and those suffering from B12 deficiency.

Hydroxocabalamin 1000 mcg in injectable water.

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum purchase of two vials only.

Giving yourself a B12 injection

Use a 0.5 disposable insulin syringe. The needle is very fine and this makes for a virtually painless injection. Take off the protective white cap over the plunger and the orange cap over the needle. The plunger is set at 0.05ml, so push this down so there is no air in the barrel of the syringe. Remove only the central part of the silver circle cover over the B12 bottle, the rest of the silver cover remains on the bottle. Push the needle through the rubber seal and draw up 0.5ml of the pink B12.

You can inject in several different sites. Start with the roll of fat round the tummy button that everyone has when they sit down. This is where most diabetics inject. The muscle of the leg between the knee and the hip (your lap) is fine, as is the upper outer quadrant of the buttock. Hold the syringe like a dart, rest the needle against the skin at 90˚ (right angles) to the skin, push hard, bit harder, until suddenly the needle slides through. Go to the nub of the needle so it can go no further. Inject slowly over say 30 seconds then withdraw the needle.

Wait for one minute then massage the area of injection gently for FIVE MINUTES to disperse the B12. DISPOSE OF THE SYRINGE AND NEEDLE SAFELY USING THE SAFE-CLIP.

For methylcobalamin, please contact


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Brilliant item Verified Purchase

Works well

Ann Jenkins | Frome | July 2024

Life saver Verified Purchase

Only place in the UK that I've been able to source this at a sensible price. Having pernicious anemia,it's a life saver needing more B12 than NHS provide.

Morna Flood | Norfolk | July 2024

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Sales at Dr Myhill 22/07/2024

Many thanks for your review.

This product is brilliant for my energy, muscles and mood Verified Purchase

I am very grateful to Dr Myhill for providing this product. It helped me from the very first injection and I am only using 25 mcg daily. I cannot believe the almost consistent energy I am feeling but still need rest periods during the day but far less than previously.

Pam Clewley | Broadstairs | June 2024

Easy and comfortable to use Verified Purchase

We are all different so others may have different preferences from mine. I now never buy any other B12 than this sort. Using a 1mg disposable syringe, I can just fill it up, inject it, and I'm done. I experience no pain from it. The alternative was to get the glass ampoules, but they have 1mg of B12 in 2mg carrier fluid, but I couldn't find any 2mg micro-fine all-in-one syringes, so that meant faffing about with separate needles as well as an ampoule snapper. Not only that but whatever carrier fluid was in the ampoules hurt going in. It stung significantly. This stuff is so much better. I don't know anywhere to get it except here, so I'm super-grateful Dr Myhill stocks it.

Penelope Wilcock | Hastings | June 2024

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Sales at Dr Myhill 21/06/2024

Thank you Penelope i am pleased you have found a product that suits you.

Vitamin B12 Injections Verified Purchase

Easy to administer. This vital vitamin for both myself and my husband. ( ages 80-90 years)

Jean Henson | Rutland | June 2024

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