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Betadine - Povidone-Iodine Ointment 20g

Povidone-iodine Ointment USP 10% w/w

Microbial water-soluble ointment
Topical microbicide effective against bacteria including spores, fungi, yeasts, protozoa and viruses, even in the presence of blood, serum, pus and necrotic tissue
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I’m impressed Verified Purchase

I’m really impressed with the speed of healing after applying this.

Sharon Beckham | Greater London | May 2024

Review for Betadine - Povidone-Iodine Ointment 20g Verified Purchase

Product is excellent!

The Royal Mail messed it up with delayed delivery and delivered product after a week. But as soon the ointment arrived, I was able to apply 2 times in a day and treat my wound and within 48 hours I saw the healing of wound to build up a protective layer on skin and protecting me from infection. Product is the best!

Raj N | London | April 2024

This works Verified Purchase

Such a brilliant way to apply iodine

Suzy Clarke | East Anglia | February 2024

Always have some in med chest. Great for cuts,.bites wound healing etc Verified Purchase

As above

Ann Hawkins | West sussex | December 2023

Only thing that works for my recurrent infection

I am immunocompromised and have a fistula which is constantly getting reinfected. Prior to discovering iodine ointment I had had about 7 rounds of flucloxacillin for it and whichever strain of bacteria I had was becoming increasingly antibiotic resistant. This iodine ointment must have saved me from an additional 10-15 rounds of abx over the last several years - clears the infection very effectively.

K | UK | January 2023

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