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Publisher: Hammersmith Press
Publication date: 2024

Chronic Fatigue:
Fatigue is the symptom we experience when energy demand exceeds energy delivery. Attention to both sides of this equation is necessary to abolish fatigue. "Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis" goes into detail about how this can be achieved. It has received excellent reviews with the first edition selling out in weeks.

​​​​​​​Dr Myhill has looked further beyond mainstream medicine into often-ignored more traditional treatments including methylene blue and DMSO. Dr Myhill, supported by expert patient Craig Robinson, has fully rewritten and updated her book to include new insights throughout and new chapters on the PK diet, photodynamic therapy, micro-immunotherapy, ME and Long Covid, and the politics of CFS and ME.

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Accessible and well researched Verified Purchase

Exceptional and well researched, in true Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson thoroughness. Very accessible and useful.

Elle Fox | Sussex | March 2024

Purchased for a friend Verified Purchase

I purchased for a friend who has had ME since the 80’s. She is having a really bad time at present, I hope this will help her. I am positive it will as Dr Myhill’s other books have helped me.

Emma Lewis | Ross on wye | February 2024

Customer service Verified Purchase

delivery speed

Catwitch Ashby | Mkt Harborough | February 2024

Speedy delivery, well packaged Verified Purchase

I love this book, thank you. I do have all Dr Myhills previous books, but thanks to my brain fog I was a bit overwhelmed and floundering.

This third updated edition is more concise, clear and includes new info. Highly recommended!

Bonnie Evans | Cumbria | February 2024

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Sales at Dr Myhill 2/02/2024

Many thanks for your lovely review

A must read for anyone suffering from ME/CFS

I wish I had received a diagnosis many years ago as it would have led me to this book a lot sooner than I actually found it. Your book is very informative, well written, witty and helpful. The explanations you give, backed up by your scientific and medical knowledge have improved my knowledge and understanding of ME/CFS. I have been taking your basics plus a few other items you mention as being helpful for people with ME/CFS for about a year and it gave me hope initially and a good focus but a few months ago I began to see an improvement in my dizziness, co-ordination and tingling problems in my hands and feet. I can only hope that this will continue to be sustained and that I can make further improvements in time, although it seems I am going to need to be patient. I genuinely hope that this review will lead to hope for others too.

R T | UK | November 2022

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