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The Energy Equation - From the Naked Ape to the Knackered Ape

Paperback book

Publisher: Hammersmith Books Ltd

This is Dr Myhill's simplest and most readable account of the fundamentals of good health. Supported by the editor Craig Robinson, she provides all that we need to ensure that the Energy Equation is resolving in our favour. 

An audio version is also available. Use the link below for the audio version.

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The author describes clearly how imbalance in our lifestyle, diet etc causes energy shortage which leads to all kinds of unpleasant medical Verified Purchase

Dr Myhill looks at how our health relies heavily on energy do to well. In her private practice over decades, she has researched and dealt with patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and they have , as a result, flourished. She explains, using helpful similarities like the workings of a car to help us relate to complex medical terms, that if we use energy carelessly, or use more than we have, then we open the door to illness. If however, by diet, lifestyle as in enough sleep, fresh air and sunshine, essential nutrients etc, we create a balance in the energy we receive and the energy we expend, then the result is good health , resistance to infection and hopefully a full and happy life. As always, it is written for the general public so is straightforward English, with some interesting anecdotes and amusing editorial asides, a useful and insightful medical book that you need on your shelf . Just buy it!

Charmian Mary | North Wales | May 2024