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BOOK - The Infection Game - Life is an arms race - Revised Reprint 2020 -ONE COPY - to UK -

The Infection Game - Life is an arms race
Dr Myhill, ably supported by Craig Robinson, writes: `It is generally believed that infection is a killer of the past. Wrong - research now shows that our big killers, from cancers and coronaries to dementia and diabetes are largely infection-driven. Indeed, it is difficult to find a pathology that does not have an infectious associate. Cheap and effective defences are within the grasp of all of us. We have all the weapons we need to win the arms race. Our new book provides the intellectual imperatives and practical know-how to conquer the established, prevent the potential and postpone the inevitable. Just do it!' The Infection Game shows us how we can maximise our defences and martial our weapons so that we are ready to defeat the infectious organisms we encounter every day and in epidemic situations.
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The idea is that our health is a battle against infections and we need to know how to defend ourselves. Verified Purchase

This very well researched but readable health bible works on the premise that most illnesses, from Cancer to Diabetes’, are driven by infection on the whole. Dr. Myhill explains very clearly and with examples very easily understood by a non medical reader, how we can strengthen our immune system so that it’s ready to deal with anything that nasty microbes or even pandemics throw at us…. and mainly without using harmful pharmaceutical drugs with all the unpleasant side effects they produce , some of which are fatal.

Along with her Co author, Craig, she describes in plain English what we need to do to maximise energy, what we need to eat ( and as important what we better not eat) to help our bodies stay healthy and resist the bugs, epidemics etc with our own personal standing army . It’s a fascinating book for anyone interested in living, and living an enjoyable and healthy life.

Charmian Mary | North Wales | May 2024

Excellent knowledge backed up by references. Verified Purchase

Excellent knowledge with further reading references. A must have for anybody who wants to look after themselves and their families in these difficult times. I have learnt so much and it has given me control and knowledge to have a healthier and hopefully longer life.

Jayne Walker | Stevenage | September 2023

The Infection Game tells you what to eat and also, importantly, what not to eat in order to stay fit and healthy now and for the rest of your life! Verified Purchase

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John Gould | Birmingham | August 2023