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BOOK - the PK Cookbook - ONE COPY - to UK -

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£9.99 inc P+P - This book contains all the recipes you will need!

THE PK COOK BOOK - Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds - POSTAGE TO UK

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THE PK COOK BOOK - Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds -

Dr Myhill has been helping sufferers from debilitating chronic conditions for over 30 years with an approach that combines all the benefits of current scientific knowledge and medical testing and treatments with an expanding appreciation of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle.  Her book with Craig Robinson, Prevent and Cure Diabetes, saw her arrive at the conclusion that the diet we should ALL be eating is one that combines Paleo principles (eating pre-agricultural, seasonal foods) with Ketogenic ones (fuel the body with fats and fibre, not with carbs).  That book tells us WHY; now in this down-to-earth, highly practical cookbook, Sarah and Craig tell us HOW.
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I have just purchased this book and am enjoying reading it. I have moderate M.E. and have been researching all sorts of diets, products and supplements the last year. I love my food but I am prepared to get on the PK diet.

What I do like is that Dr Myhill does this diet as well, which she shares her thoughts and feelings about with an added sense of humour.

Barbara | Wirral | January 2019