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THE PK COOK BOOK - Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds - POSTAGE TO EUROPE
THE PK COOK BOOK - Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds - POSTAGE TO REST OF WORLD
THE PK COOK BOOK - Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds - POSTAGE TO UK
THE PK COOK BOOK - Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds - POSTAGE TO USA ONLY

Fatigue is the symptom we experience when energy demand exceeds energy delivery. Attention to both sides of this equation is necessary to abolish fatigue. "Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalitis" goes into detail about how this can be achieved. It has received excellent reviews with the first edition selling out in weeks. The book can be delivered world wide. On this online shop we offer inclusive prices (book and delivery).

Sustainable Medicine: This life-changing book is based on the essential premise that twenty-first century Western medicine, driven by disease processes. Symptom-suppressing medication and poly-pharmacy are resulting in an escalation of disease and system of so-called 'health care' which is not sustainable.

Prevent and Cure Diabetes: Based on Dr Myhill’s more than 30 years’ experience of helping her patients return to health, find out: What metabolic syndrome is, why Westerners are all on the way to getting it, and how to avoid it; What the risk factors are for developing diabetes and how to minimise these; how to reverse diabetes type 2; how to control blood sugar with minimal use of insulin in diabetes type 1; how to balance your blood sugar levels and monitor your progress.

The PK Cookbook: Go Paleo-Ketogenic and get the best of both worlds - Dr Myhill has been helping sufferers from debilitating chronic conditions for over 30 years with an approach that combines all the benefits of current scientific knowledge and medical testing and treatments with an expanding appreciation of the importance of nutrition and lifestyle.  Her book with Craig Robinson, Prevent and Cure Diabetes, saw her arrive at the conclusion that the diet we should ALL be eating is one that combines Paleo principles (eating pre-agricultural, seasonal foods) with Ketogenic ones (fuel the body with fats and fibre, not with carbs).  That book tells us WHY; now in this down-to-earth, highly practical cookbook, Sarah and Craig tell us HOW.

The Infection Game - Life is an arms race -
Dr Myhill, ably supported by Craig Robinson, writes: `It is generally believed that infection is a killer of the past. Wrong - research now shows that our big killers, from cancers and coronaries to dementia and diabetes are largely infection-driven. Indeed, it is difficult to find a pathology that does not have an infectious associate. Cheap and effective defences are within the grasp of all of us. We have all the weapons we need to win the arms race. Our new book provides the intellectual imperatives and practical know-how to conquer the established, prevent the potential and postpone the inevitable. Just do it!' The Infection Game shows us how we can maximise our defences and martial our weapons so that we are ready to defeat the infectious organisms we encounter every day and in epidemic situations.
Ecological Medicine - The antidote to big pharma and fast foods - 
Big Pharma-driven Western medicine, based on symptom-suppressing prescription drugs, is failing to prevent and treat our modern epidemics of diabetes, dementia, degeneration, cancer, heart disease and infections.
Ecological Medicine gives us the 'Rules of the Game' and the 'Tools of the Trade' to prevent and treat the above pathologies.  It achieves this through a logical, evidence-based approach.  Doctors should be clinical detectives.  Symptoms and signs give us the clues to the mechanisms of such and so lead us to the WHY of disease.  Knowing the WHY provides the intellectual imperative to drive through the difficult HOWs of disease reversal and restoration to full heath.

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