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February Thursday 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th- Weekend Workshop

Location- what three words-- goes.removers.left

Friday morning

9 – 12.30

Tools of the trade: energy delivery mechanisms

The PK diet and gut function.

Growing your own food

Cooking demos

The Mitochondrial engines

Thyroid accelerator pedal and adrenal gear box

Detox regimes




Tools of the trade: inflammation

Tools to deal with infection and damp down inflammation

Vit C, Vit D, Iodine, B12


Prebiotics and Probiotics

Groundhog regimes

CBD oil and Low dose naltrexone.

4 – 6pm

Hot tub, sauna, swimming, walking

Do it yourself detox!

Saturday morning


How we apply the tools of the trade to problems of:





How we apply the tools of the trade to problems of:

Guest Speaker:

Rob – CBD Oil

4 -6pm

Hot tub, sauna, swimming, walking

Sunday morning


How we apply the tools of the trade to problems of:

Neurology and psychiatry





How we apply the tools of the trade to problems of:




Travel home

Focus on Cancer with Rob Wood

May be weather sensitive – it is winter here!

Arrive Thursday evening February 8th  - finish Sunday afternoon February 11th 2023


The aim of this weekend is to give you the confidence, together with the “Rules of the Game” and the “Tools of the Trade” to help your patients tackle any health issues.


You travel to Upper Weston on the Thursday evening to arrive in time for supper at 6pm.

Directions at https://www.drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Location

DO NOT TRUST SAT NAV which takes you to the wrong farm! Look at the pictures in the link and you will recognise the drive

Accommodation Options

You can camp, bring you own tent and gear

OR you can sleep in the loft space above the wood store (completely weatherproof but cold). Bring your own camp bed, sleeping bag, blankets).

OR you can bring a camper van or caravan

OR you can sleep in the summer house – 3 comfy sofas and a bed (the summer house is always warm)

OR You can choose to have a proper bed indoors in Flynn’s house “The Barn” – contact her directly flynnables@protonmail.com

Cost £60 per bed per night for a room shared with one other

OR £80 per night for your own room……………. depending on what is available.

Shared bathroom

Bear in mind it is a barn! The floors creak and there are dogs and humans.

Workshops – these are based on “Ecological Medicine”

We work in the summer house – we sit in armchairs and sofas, talk all day from 9am to 12.30, then 2-4pm……and again around the meal table, in the hot tub and sauna.

The format of the weekend is informal – any person can ask any question at any time – we have wide ranging discussions.

Food and cooking
All meals in the kitchen (included in the cost)

Most food will be home grown and home cooked

Breakfast 8am, lunch 12.30, supper 6pm.

Any questions – contact office@doctormyhill.co.uk

For more information please take a look at - https://drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Myhill_Workshop_Weekends

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Despite the rainy weather it was a most Wonderful few days in a country setting. With home grown food & a wealth of information from Dr myhills knowledge, and experience delivered with humour. A great group of individuals, swimming in a natural pool, hot tub, and plenty of friendly farm animals..what more could you want? Highly recommended! I'm so glad I was able to go as last year it wasn't possible. Splendid team and Anna thanks very much for feeding us all! Hope to come back again in the near future.

Kim ' satka' kennedy | London | August 2023

Life Changing Information

I would recommend this course to anyone. Sarah and her team have produced a wonderful informative course in the depths of the welsh countryside. Not only is your brain fed with so much interesting factual information but your body is also nourished by the most delicious food. I am not medically trained and was worried it might be a bit over my head but everything is presented in such a straight forward easy manner that I felt fully at home after the first session. Honestly if you are thinking about it - Book you won't regret it.

Deborah Penrice | London | March 2023

Sarah is inspirational, a really enjoyable and fascinating course

The course is set in magical surroundings and Sarah explains the science simply and with humour, it was much more fun than I expected. The staff are lovely, the home grown food delicious and I’ve continued the PK diet without mishap, never thought I’d be able to do it. Highly recommended.

Fiona Harper | Surrey | February 2023

Fabulous Weekend

A fantastic weekend full of fun and knowledge. Our group of 10 was just the right size and we got on really well. Dr Myhill was even more informative and helpful than I was expecting, answering all of our many questions with straightforward, well researched and evidenced answers. I was so impressed by Dr Myhill's vast knowledge of all health related and life related matters. We all learned so much and vowed to keep in touch, such was the level of camaraderie among the group. Additionally, the food and hospitality was second to none, amazing fresh organic produce, cooked to perfection by wonderful friendly people. And there was even time to have fun in the hot tub, sauna and pool!Thank you for opening my eyes to so many things about my own health and lifestyle. I will be back.

Michel Saminaden | Watford | February 2023

Invaluable, practical and fascinating

Attending the weekend seminar was invaluable - being immersed in the teachings of Sarah: eating the food and living the lifestyle she advocates for, was truly wonderful.

Although a terrifically complex subject matter, Sarah manages to make the information available to all levels of physiological awareness. Regardless of your background or knowledge base I guarantee you will leave changed for the better.

The humility, honesty and hospitality of all the team is infectious and a true delight. The only issue I had with the course was that it had to end so soon!

Everyone needs to know this information and I will be doing my bit to expand on the knowledge I have been given to help as many people as I can.

Daniel Piper | Suffolk | February 2023

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