Lugol's Iodine 15% 30ml

NOTE: The label is discoloured as Lugol's Iodine is drawn through the bottle. The product is perfectly fine.

Use before 31/07/2026

Iodine is an essential element which is lacking in Western diets. We should all be taking iodine 1mg daily at least.


  • Use a salt pipe.This is simply a clay pot filled with sea salt that can be used as an inhaler.
  • Drizzle Lugol’s iodine 1-4 drops (whatever is tolerated) into the mouth piece – sniff this through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Everyone will need to experiment and find what suits them.
  • Also use Valsalva manoeuvre to blow the iodine vapour into the middle ear and sinuses. Pinch the nose and blow into it so the ears pop.
  • Keep going until the iodine smell is gone (about 20 sniffs).
  • Do this at least three times daily but as often as you can according to the severity of the infection.
  • In the short term expect to see more catarrh as the body sweeps out the dead microbes.


[e.g. pathology such as infected spots, chicken pox, cold sores, swollen lymph nodes, nail infections, ear infections, cradlecap, skin fungal infections (tinea, ringworm, acne, boils) scabs and bruises.]

  • Take 100mls of coconut oil and place the pot in a warm place so the oil just melts.
  • Stir in 10mls of Lugols Iodine to give you a 1.5% mix to smear over the infected area

Iodine can also be used in much higher doses therapeutically. Its contact kills all microbes and is the best disinfectant. It helps to strip out toxic metals from the body and one can safely take 50mgs daily.  (Lugol's iodine 15% one drop contains 18.75mgs).
(One 30 ml bottle contains approx. 600 drops)

Lugol's Iodine 15% - 30 ml      (Potassium Iodide is 7.5% and Iodine is 11.25%)
Take 2 drops Lugol's iodine 15% minimum daily for life.

Derived from Mined Crystals. 
Shake well before use
Store in a cool dark place
NOTE:  The label is discoloured as Lugol's Iodine is drawn through the bottle.
The product is perfectly fine.

This product is contained within a plastic bottle.

I do not do iodine testing simply because we are all deficient, iodine sufficiency can be achieved with 50mgs Lugol’s daily - -and it is so safe with a wide margin of therapeutic/toxic dose.

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Verified Purchase

Very Strange to begin with to drink Iodine - but hopefully it will do the job...

JEAN LANE | | April 2024

Very effective Verified Purchase

Caring for elderly parents 24/7 took its toll on my health. I purchased this product about 5 months ago (along with the Sunshine Salt) as had constant fatigue, which I couldn't shake off. After seeing Dr Myhill on a Youtube vid, it reassured me that I was buying a quality product from a reliable source. Every morning I take a good pinch of Sunshine Salt, plus 2 drops of iodine, in a glass of water. What a difference! I feel like I'm in another gear and can get stuff done with more ease and no afternoon slump. So I would fully recommend.

Maria Li | London | January 2024

Verified Purchase

Now in a glass bottle with a dropper, doesn't leak like the plastic one did.

Anne Twomey | Cardiff | December 2023

Lugol's Iodine Verified Purchase

Having followed Dr Myhill webminar with WDDTY, I have now started taking Iodine, as a lifelong health supplement (together with a few others, Vit C being one of them, at a dose between 2g and 6-8g a day).

I am in my early 50s, and had decided to get my blood tested, just to have a overall 'picture' of my health. My results, which came back a couple of weeks ago, showed that I have an underactive thyroid. The doctor prescribed Levothyroxine, which I will not take. Instead I have started two drops of Iodine at night, and will investigate Dr Myhill website, and my numerous copies of WDDTY.

Agnès | Inverness, Scotland | November 2023

Easy to use with dramatic effects! Verified Purchase

I’m seeing the positive results of 2 drops in water at night (Vitamin C during the day). This is great and I rarely have a digestive issue now (usually caused by non PK food) plus the morning regularity is such a blessing.

I notice I have more energy and I am not feeling the cold like I did this time last year and I find I’m not getting the stiffness and muscle burn that I was in my thighs when I just climbed the stairs

Thank you Dr Myhill for your freely given knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I also appreciate you making these products available with straightforward instructions.

My healthcare is now my concern because the NHS doesn’t care about me like I do.

I do decant the iodine into sterile brown glass bottles with pipettes, basically because I get it everywhere.

SharBex | Greater London | November 2023

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