Methylene Blue powder 10g PLUS SYRINGE

Methylene Blue  for all chronic infections.

One course is 10g- weight dependent this is sufficient for 3 months treatment


Certificate of analysis available upon request

Methylene Blue  for all chronic infections - 

Methylene blue (MB) has some properties that make it very desirable for the human body. It is remarkably safe and has been used in humans for decades. This makes it very undesirable for Big Pharma, so its properties are not reported to the medical profession.

There are two major drivers of disease namely poor energy delivery mechanisms and chronic inflammation. MB impacts on both. A further problem arises because as we become ill, the immune system starts to fail, and we acquire not just one but multiple infections. Methylene blue has activity against many infections (viral, bacterial and fungal), but what is so interesting is that its effects are activated by red light. This is called photodynamic therapy.

99.99% pure

Safe to take long term. 

Dose of MB

MB should always be taken in low doses. The safe low dose is 1-2mg per Kg of body weight. Regardless of body weight start with 10mgs per day. Indeed it is so safe it can be used directly into a vein, in doses of 15mgs/kg of body weight.

Always purchase pharmaceutical grade MB (this is clean and free from impurities). You could start by purchasing a 1% solution but since most come in small volumes you will get through this very quickly! As your need for MB increases, it is much more economical to purchase MB as the pure powder. Make sure this is British Pharmaceutical standard (it will have BP 73 on it so it conforms to the standards set in 1973) It may also be marked “Harmful if swallowed” – that simply reflects the fact that the powder is pure and needs to be diluted with water. Available at

Take the whole pot and dissolve in 1,000ml (one litre) of water. This gives a 1% solution ie 10mgs/ml. So for a daily dose of 120mgs (2mg per Kg) or 12ml this would last 80 days. (This makes it a perfect treatment for my PBs). Be careful mixing it up. Should you spill the blue crystals or liquid (and I did!) you will spend the rest of your day washing out the colour! And I did!

Start with 1ml per day in a single dose at night. Put this into a large of water. I suggest you also add one to two grams of ascorbic acid – this converts much of the MB to leucoMB which is colourless. This may take several minutes but you get round the tooth/tongue staining issue. Drink the pale blue solution. In the body MB alternates between MB and leuco MB as it donates or accepts electrons. This explains the many desirable actions of MB. Expect to pee blue.

Start with 1ml per day (use a 10ml syringe to measure) in a single dose at night and put this into a glass of water. Drink the blue solution. Your teeth and tongue may be temporarily stained blue, but this soon disappears. To avoid this drink it through a straw. You may also pee blue – unavoidable!

Increase the dose in 10mgs ie 1ml increments depending on how you tolerated this. A 60kg person could end up on 6ml per day for 1mgs per Kg, or 12ml per day for 2mgs/kg. 

MB is well absorbed in the upper gut and excreted in urine – this means it has no malign effect on the microbiome of the lower gut.

Not necessary to take on empty stomach

It is well absorbed and can be taken anytime

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Secured availability of outstanding product Verified Purchase

Rapid and secure access

Eliz Severs | Bishops Castle | July 2024

Our pets seem to enjoy Mitolab Methylthioninium Chloride. Verified Purchase

So far our pets seem happy. hopefully from the prophylaxis view point, this product will delay the onset of chronic metabolic diseases that

afflict at some point of all members of zoology including the super animal (i.e. super monkey) called human.

In any case, it is too early to comment sensibly on the efficacy of Methylthioninium Chloride produced by Mitolab. We will be

in the position to make any sensible pronouncements after about 24 months of chronic daily oral administration to our pets.

Apart from that the product was delivered on time and Dr Myhill was kind enough to suggest reasonable MB posology.

Robinson Peter Doubsel Guifo GUIFO | S63 | April 2024

Great quality Verified Purchase

Always good quality and quick delivery. Thank you

Helen Webster | Oxford | February 2024

Methylene Blue Powder 10g Verified Purchase

Very competitive pricing !… quality product… timely delivery… secure packaging.

Gareth Wright | Fleet | January 2024

Mostly happy Verified Purchase

Happy with the product. It does mention a syringe, but this was missing hence only 4 stars

D Lambert | Dorset | October 2023

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Sales at Dr Myhill 27/10/2023

I am sorry the syringe was missing i am will pop one in the post today.