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Mitochondrial, adrenal and thyroid support

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Best Before: 18.02.2026

BEST BEFORE: 08.05.2025

D ribose is very safe stuff- it would be difficult to overdose with it – but it can knock you out of ketosis as it is a sugar.

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum purchase of two vials only.

Scroll down for info on how to give yourself a B12 injection.

NB New smaller pot size 60 tablets not 180 tablets.

Expiry Date 18.08.2026

The provenance/ origin of the Magnesium Chloride id the Czech Republic

Please note- does not dissolve very well.

Expiry Date 16.03.2025

Package includes - 1x Acetyl-L-Carnitine; 1x Niacinamide B3; 1x D-Ribose; 1x CoQ10 Ubiquinone - Healthy Origins; 1x B12 Methylcobalamim

Best Before: 31.03.22025

USE BY: 31.03.2025

Use by 20.01.2026

Recommended dose 1-2 daily

See Magnesium- treating a deficiency