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Transdermal B12 Spray 50ml

£6.25 (ex. VAT)
Best Before: September 2022

Transdermal B12 with ADC for use on skin
Contains 5mg of B12 (as methylcobalamin) per mil (5 sprays). 
Used transdermally about 6% is absorbed - this compares with the gut where only 1% may be absorbed.
Total volume 50 ml.  ADC is an organic sulphur carrier molecule derived from tree bark which is similar to methyl sulfonyl (MSM - an arthritis treatment).  It easily passes through skin carrying whatever is dissolved within it.  Skin must be free from chemicals , cosmetics, perfumes or deodorants or these too may be absorbed.  Transdermal B12 can be used to treat any condition where high levels of B12 in the body are desirable.  20% DMSO


Keep in a cool, dark place as B12 is destroyed by light.
This product is Lactose Free.  Suitable for Vegans.

Separate plastic pump handle included with this product which is contained in a plastic bottle.
Please note this product is non-refundable. Please do not return this item to us as we are unable to provide credit.

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A bit messy but may be a good way to absorb Vit B 12

I looked carefully before buying this as sprays can be a bit messy. It requires you to have clean skin and daily baths or showers are not always practical when you have ME. I found that a few sprays can be mixed in a small plastic tub with a couple of drops of warm water and then applied to your clean skin without causing too much mess.

R T | UK | January 2022

Users need to be psychologically prepared to use this!

When first used, you may be shocked how its bright red colour looks as though you have cut yourself.

To contain the spray it is best applied inside the shower area, where it is difficult to avoid thinking of a certain scene in Psycho!

However, it does wash away very easily.

Trev | Suffolk | July 2018