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Transdermal Vitamin C Spray 250ml

USE BY 31.03.2025

Transdermal Vitamin C with DMSO for use on skin
Contains 250ml
Contains 1gram of Vitamin C per 5ml (25 sprays) (from corn or derivative)
20% DMSO - DMSO is an organic sulphur carrier molecule derived from tree bark which is similar to methylsulfonylethane (MSM - an arthritis treatment).  It easily passes through skin carrying whatever is dissolved within it).
Skin must be free from chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes or deodorants or these too may be absorbed.
Transdermal Vitamin C can be used to treat any condition where high levels of Vitamin C in the body are desirable -
suggest 5-25 sprays daily (200-1000mg Vitamin C)

Vitamin C is toxic to all microbes and can be used as a local antiseptic on the skin.

Separate plastic pump handle included with this product which is contained within a plastic bottle.
Please note this product is non-refundable. Please do not return this item to us as we are unable to provide credit.
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The DMSO in this is very relaxing, eases pain, and helps you fall sleep. The vitamin C gives you more energy and makes you feel a bit less poisoned (had severe M.E 17yr, feel like a sack of 7 day old rubbish).

Do be aware though,: It stains everything and is hard to get out. In my experience, fabrics need to be washed right away or within a few hours, and preferably at 90 degrees. It also soaks into finger and toe nails, which cannot be hot washed. Leaving a dark orange/brown stain that makes people think you're an incorrigible smoker. Just have to wait for them to grow out!

This spray smells strongly of citrus mixed with bad eggs (and when I used a lot, it caused much wind, which also smelled of bad eggs. I couldn't bare to be in the same room as myself, lol). I did use about 5>10 X the recommended dose though, because I'm trying to get off morphine and am in severe pain almost 24/7.

I noticed the smell of this product improved once I took Dr Myhill's MMM and also some liquid mineral drops (Manganese, Copper, Strontium, Zinc..). So it seems that if you have mineral deficiencies, the smell of DMSO is even more objectionable.

CONCLUSION: Hard to work with, due to the staining, and the smell. However if you want drug free pain relief, much reduced anxiety a little more energy and less of that horrible poisoned feeling, this is for you.

TIP: You can add about 1gram extra of buffered vitamin C powder (''L Sodium Ascorbate'') to roughly every 2.5ml of this spray to get even more vitamin C into your body (without the horrible gastric upset that comes when you take high doses of vit C by mouth).

Ascorbic acid doesn't seem to dilute as well when added (which is odd, because it already contains that). If you only have ascorbic acid at home, add sodium bicarbonate to buffer it (neutralise the acid). 1 part ascorbic acid to 1 part sodium bicarbonate. It will fizz a lot.

Man on Wheels | London | May 2017

The citrus aroma of the spray is lovely; it's so fresh and I can tell that it's extremely high in vitamin C. I've developed almost a craving for it so my body must be thriving on it. When I spray it on I get a really good physical feeling and it's not my imagination!

I suffer from ME and have been treating it aggressively for the past several months; I have more energy, my brain fog is lessening and I feel as though I have a good chance of recovery. The vitamin C spray is really helping as part of my self-treatment.

Georgia | Devon, UK | December 2016