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Aims – I have got to the stage where the initial work-up to treat CFS/ME is standard and well covered in our books. What I need to do now is to show people how to go about self-management ie teach people how to heal themselves.

My job is to give you the “Tools of the Trade” and the “Rules of the Game” so you can become your own healer.

The word ‘doctor’ is derived from the Latin ‘docere’ (to teach) and so I am, at last, living up to my title!

Myhill CFS/ME Workshop: Syllabus for the day STARTERS AND MAIN COURSE

Morning starts 09:30 to 12:30, afternoon runs 14:00 – 16:00 GMT

The idea is that by the end of the day you will all have developed your own management plan for your personal recovery

What I will do: give you the “Rules of the Game “and the “Tools of the Trade” to manage your own recovery

1. Explain the “Roadmap” for recovery

2. Energy delivery mechanisms

3. Holes in the energy bucket

4. Useful clues from the clinical history

5. Useful clues from tests

6. Record the session and make it available to all attendees

What you will do

1. Fill in your management frame as I speak

2. At any moment ask questions either by chat box or waving at me, or un-muting your microphone, so I will stop and you can ask

3. Send me tests that you would like me to look at and comment on.  These must be received 48 hours before your chosen workshop date.  Send to:   These will necessarily be shared with others so please give permission to do this.  


• I will be in the “Zoom Meeting Room” by 09:30, greet you all and talking when you are all happy that you can hear me. I shall not wait for late comers! 

• I will start with the overall strategy, move on to symptoms based on what you, the participants, describe. I shall explain what they mean (mechanisms) and move on to treatments.

• 12:30 we will break for lunch

• 14:00 we will resume as above

• Aim to finish by 16:00 but I will continue until everyone is happy (Nancy knows exactly when it is 16:00 and time for her afternoon walkies).

How the meeting will happen with Zoom

Once you have booked in you will be sent an email containing an invitation and link to join the meeting.  (Please ensure you check your spam/junk folder).  IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS LINK WITHIN 7 DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT IS DUE TO TAKE PLACE, PLEASE E-MAIL ANNA:  (      You do not have to sign up with Zoom for this to work (I have signed up and paid for this).

Just click on the link and that gets you into the “meeting room”. A password will be provided.  THEN you should be able to see me and hear me. Initially we will introduce ourselves. 

So once we have greeted and waved and are happily in the front seats, please MUTE the microphone. You can do this on a toolbar which is at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

I will start talking as soon as everyone can hear me!

The next tricky bit is avoiding us all talking at the same time because then no-one can hear anything!

If you wish to say something to all others in the room then click on the CHAT box – this is on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This opens a box to the right which records the chats. You can type in your message in the bottom right hand corner.

If you wish to ask a question, wave your hand at me. Do not wait until I stop talking (no chance of that!). I will immediately stop so that you can put an oral question or comment to me and’/or the group.

If at any point you get lost or misunderstand – wave at me! It is not good if I lose you on the way!

I will record the meeting and send you a link to this.  I recommend you download and save this recording for future reference.

FOLLOW-UP WORKSHOPS - I am now offering follow-up workshops for those who have already participated in a ZOOM session - PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS if you HAVE NOT already attended a ZOOM session. 

These workshops are for those people who have already attended a STARTER workshop, and who need to move things on again with a more tailored regime.
They will concentrate on individual case histories.
There will be a maximum of 6 participants per 5 hour session so each attendee will have 40 minutes to ask Dr Myhill questions. All attendees will listen in to all discussions as much can be learned through repetition and listening to such.
As usual, any person can ask any question at any time.
With fewer participants the price will be £120.00 for the 5 hour session.
All sessions are recorded and all participants will receive a recording.  I recommend you download and save this recording for future reference.

If you would like to join a Follow-Up Workshop:
In the first instance, email to register your interest and a date can be scheduled into the diary.
Book in to a FOLLOW UP workshop 
Send Dr Myhill   any clinical history or tests that you would like her to look at.  It is recommended that you anonymise all such because it will be shared with other attendees.
Let Anna know if there is a time of day that would suit you best for your 40 minute slot.

Anna will send you a zoom link – click on at 9.25am.
The days run 9.30 am to 12.30 (lunchtime) and then continues 2.00 -4.00 pm

If less than 6 sign up then the day will be shortened accordingly